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Fear of Flying?

Hypnotherapy. By dealing with the unconscious mind (associated with the right side of the brain) and avoiding the conscious mind (associated with the left side of the brain) it is a safe method to help deal with the problem by empowering the individual to help themselves. It can be used to... “greatly depress or prodigiously exalt… the arousal of selected parts of the nervous system".1

Hypnosis is NOT sleep. It is an altered state of awareness where you remain conscious but relaxed, deeply relaxed. It is a natural state of being that we pass through as we fall asleep and awaken day-by-day. It can be defined as "a naturalistic alteration of the level of activity of systems of the mind and body for a therapeutic purpose ".2

Figures 1 and 2, below, show examples of left and right brain activity as recorded by an electroencephalograph (EEG) machine measuring brain-waves during the fully conscious and hypnotic states.3

  Some Descriptions:

a fear of flying.
an irrational fear.
hypnosis for a therapeutic purpose.
NOT sleep, but an altered state of consciousness/ awareness where you remain relaxed, deeply relaxed.
once trained, under hypnosis, you can then self-induce the hypnotic condition and use self-hypnosis - anywhere, anytime, around the world, even as a flying passenger, for your own good.

Figure 1: in the fully conscious state

The Conscious State

Figure 2: in the hypnotic state

The Hypnotic State

You can see that the electrical activity of the brain is greatly relaxed, as the mind is also relaxed, in the hypnotic state - but you are still conscious!


Hypnotherapy can be used very effectively for fear-of-flying.

1st session is a calm, relaxation, confidence-building session and dealing with presenting conditions. I give away with you a relaxation CD (homework) and build-in the facility such that I can take you back into that altered state of awareness with just a few words.

2nd session (preferably a week or so later), I can take you in quicker, to a deeper level and routinely teach you how to use self-hypnosis for your own good.

My fees for hypnotherapy are £50 per session. 1st two sessions, allow 1.5 hours (but if parking allow 2 hours there - so that you know you're not being rushed, that's the message). Thereafter, if/as required, should only be an hour as you 'go-in' quicker and to a deeper level. Don't worry, we can assess as we progress.

Hope this helps. Importantly, you remain completely in control of ALL aspects of your being at all times. I'll explain more when we meet.

As things change day-by-day, please phone 'Serendipity', 01224 213 808 for appointment day/time to suit.

Has it worked?

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As things change day-by-day, please phone 'Serendipity', 01224 213 808 for appointment day/time to suit.

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