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    Forensic Hypnosis

    Regression, simply, is an exercise in remembering. Our unconscious mind stores everything we have ever sensed. It is associated with the right side of the brain (the intuitive side of us) and works on a 'stacking-system'. That's why we sometimes repeat things to ourselves often, consciously, to help us to keep them at the top-of-the-list for easier recall from memory.

    Regression back by a few days, or weeks, months, even years - can clarify facts.

    Forensic hypnosis is termed:
    "the use of hypnosis to explore memory for investigative purposes".

    It can be used very effectively in aiding victims or witnesses of crime to recall details that may be ommited from the original evidence. The assistance that this brings to the investigating authorities (police, solicitors, fire and criminal investigators) can be enormous. Additional information assisting in solving a crime is welcomed by the police.

    Forensic Hypnosis is based on a researched and developed ethical and professional framework within which the speciality of forensic hypnosis Principles and Outlines can be utilised to help the victim or witness of a crime or incident to recall events in greater detail.

    As hypnosis involves concentration, heightened focus to allow recall of memory elusive in a conscious state, so the subject becomes focussed and attentive. Reaction times and thought processes are slowed - thus allowing recall of details that may have been 'blurred' in consciousness.

    Forensic Hypnosis is available to Principle Investigating Authorities. Fees are available on application to Stan Gerard, as above, or on 01224 594 774

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